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Mined from the freedom and inspiration of the Pacific Northwest, forged and polished in the raging foundry of Hollywood, CA, and unsheathed on the creative battleground of Austin, Texas, Row 1 Productions is a motion picture production company standing watch on the cutting edge of digital entertainment creation.
Wait, what just happened... I blacked out for a second.

Row 1 Productions was founded by producer, comedian, scholar, and man-about-town Scott Rowan.  He comes from the television and film production world with years of experience as a producer, host and comedian. He has developed and produced content for clients such as Warner Brothers, Fandango, Marvel, Disney, Green Dot Corporation, Shine America and more! This content has ranged from branded web series, to short form television interstitials and DVD extra content.

Check out this really fancy PDF for his Resumé and Credits: Scott Rowan Resumé & Credits

And to see Scott’s comedy demo reel check out!

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