Side Hustle | A Digital Comedy Series Official Announcement

“Hahahahah… haha.. hahahah!!”

That’s what you will be saying while watching our first official narrative project! That’s right… a digital comedy series, called Side Hustle, about two young dudes trying to make it in Austin, Texas while paying the bills taking every possible side gig opportunity they can. Basically, a quirky comedy about Uber, Lyft, Airbnb and more, set in the beautiful start-up world of Austin.

My good friend from high school, Ryan Primm, and I have been developing this concept, and are scheduled to begin production on the pilot by the end of January 2016. From there, we plan on crowdfunding five more episodes to have a complete first season.

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Scott Rowan has been a filmmaker and entertainer for a long time... too long to remember specifically... but we can say for sure he has been at it for at least two weeks. He definitely officially launched Row 1 Productions in 2015.

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