Why I Love the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera (BMPCC)!

For the readers who aren’t filmmaking gearheads like me, I’ll try to make this as interesting as possible! Mom… you’re probably asking yourself, “What is a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera and why do I care that my son thinks that it is the perfect camera for professional videographers, especially those just getting their freelance career off the ground?” Well, mother, I will do my best to explain.

Here it is!

Here it is!

To sum it all up, the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera (BMPCC) is the perfect marriage between professional imagery, and affordability. I am a moderate advocate of Tim Ferriss’s methodology of the minimum effective dose for a lot of areas of life (The 4 Hour Work Week and The 4 Hour Body are both interesting reads if this idea interests you as well). Basically, this idea asks the question, what is the minimum amount of input it takes to achieved a desired output? Anything above and beyond this input is a waste of energy and resources. With that said, I still value hard work and the authenticity found in the process of accomplishing something. So a happy medium must be met.

On the set of the Unbill video!

BMPCC on the set of Unbill.


On the set of the Unbill video!

When it comes to filmmaking and video producing on a budget, the minimum effect dose concept can absolutely be applied, and should. Why buy or rent a ten thousand dollar camera when an iPhone will do? You shouldn’t. Then again, you also shouldn’t use an iPhone camera on a professional set. There are two main goals when it comes to choosing the right camera

  1. Make the image look good.
  2. Make your clients happy.
Aura Yoga!

Aura Yoga!

One might imagine that making an image look good is all it would take to make a client happy, which for the most part is true. But… in a weird way you want to make sure your client is getting their money’s worth by providing them with a professional experience. For example, many people say that the Canon Rebel T3i and the Canon 7D are equivalent in picture image, which is basically true! However, if you are using aa canon T3i as your A Cam for a simple web based project, the client for that project might have heard buzz words about DSLR cameras and may not feel like they are getting the fully professional experience they are paying for, even though the end result would be essentially the same! So, managing client expectations is very important! The same principle applies to bringing DIY homemade slider rigs or shoulder mounts to a professional shoot. Same end result, different level of professionalism.


On the set of The Lúxus Life at the Mclaren dealership for Icelandic Glacial.


On the set of The Lúxus Life at El Matador Beach for Icelandic Glacial.

The BMPCC provides a professional image with like a thousand stops of dynamic range (rounding up), and really nice looking compression, in addition to maintaining it’s professional exoticism. With the right camera package to build out your BMPCC package, you can accomplish both goals number one AND number two, without breaking the bank.  Then you’re off and running!



Scott Rowan has been a filmmaker and entertainer for a long time... too long to remember specifically... but we can say for sure he has been at it for at least two weeks. He definitely officially launched Row 1 Productions in 2015.

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